Yard rates

Yard Storage
£1 per foot per week
Minimum charge £20 per week

Pontoon and Mud Moorings
£1.15 per foot per week

Hoist Out or Launch
£4.20 per foot
Minimum £70 per lift

Self Launch £12
Assisted Launch £24
Canoes £5

Pressure Wash
£1.50 per foot
Minimum charge £30

Boat Lift on Yard

Crane Lift
£80 per hour

Marine Engineer
£48 per hour

Boat Repairs
£48 per hour

Private cradle set up/dismantling
£48 per hour

Propping of fin or long keel boats

Individual Meters

River Assistance
£48 per hour

Trailer/Cradle Storage
£40 per month

All prices inclusive of vat

Free trailer/cradle storage for returning customers